Clinton and Trump go head-to-head in first presidential debate

The first of three presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took place last night, September 26th. Moderated by Lester Holt, the debate focused on three main topics; achieving prosperity, America’s direction, and keeping the nation secure.

The debate kicked off with Holt asking how each candidate would ensure America’s economy remains, or becomes, prosperous under their presidency.

The conversation began with the candidates talking about their plan for improving the economy. Trump coming from a business background understandably has a different take than Clinton coming from a political background. Both believe they have the best plan to improve the economy.

Trump started off the debate particularly strong, he had a lot to say about policies and things Clinton had done in the past. Clinton didn’t seem to start off as strong, but she got stronger as the debate went on.

Trump attacked Clinton for supporting the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The debate got more heated when the conversation shifted to tax reform. Clinton talked about the fact that Trump has refused to release his tax returns. Trump stated that his taxes were currently being audited, and he would release his tax returns once the audit was complete. He also offers to release his tax returns if Clinton releases her private emails.

The second topic discussed was focused on America’s direction.

Both candidates agree that something needs to be done in terms of our criminal justice system.

The final topic of the debate discussed securing America. Clinton and Trump butted heads in terms of how to handle cyber security.

Although many hoped for a debate surrounding the issues, with such a heated campaign few people were surprised when both candidates attacked the other on everything from something they said in the 1970s to their appearance. The biggest weakness of this entire campaign has been the back and forth between the two candidates that has nothing to do with their presidential abilities.

Moderator Holt seemed to lose control of the debate at points. He tried to cut candidates off when their time was up, but both Clinton and Trump continued to talk despite his pleas. In such a tense debate, the moderator really needed to step up in order to keep things on topic and on time.

Three of the third party candidates who were not a part of the debate chimed in on twitter. These tweets come from Former Governor Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Party, Dr. Jill Stein for the Green Party and Darrell Castle for the Constitution Party for the U.S.

If you want your voice to be heard, it’s important that you get out and vote.

Don’t let the fact that you aren’t registered yet keep your voice from being heard.


Author: Sandra Harris

Hi, my name is Sandra. I am a senior at Wayne State University majoring in public relations with a minor in new media. My anticipated graduation date is May 2017. I hope to pursue a career in either corporate communications or copy editing. At Wayne State University I am one the "Salute" editor-in-chief for the Wayne State chapter of PRSSA. I am also a fourth year member of the Wayne State University cheer team.

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