Vice Presidential debate focuses on Presidential candidates, not the issues

Last night’s debate between Vice Presidential nominees Governor Mike Pence and Senator Tim Kaine was filled with discussion regarding the actions and beliefs of this year’s presidential candidates. An article from The Guardian claimed that Pence won, while an article from the New York Times didn’t declare either nominee as a winner.

The general consensus from media reports is that Pence did win last night’s debate. But not by a huge margin.

The Guardian claims that Kaine was not on top of his game during the debate. Others on twitter agreed.

Both the Guardian and the New York Times agreed that Kaine spent much of the debate attacking his opponent on things his running mate, Donald Trump, has said.

Both articles agreed that the debate was less about the issues and more about defending the Presidential nominees.

To return the favor, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were quick to praise their running mates on their debate performance.

Many people noticed that Pence did not always defend Trump’s ideas and beliefs. Instead, Pence offered up some of his own views and ideas.

The major complaint about Kaine was the number of times he interrupted Pence the moderator during the debate.

Other’s came to Kaine’s defense stating that the interruptions came from both sides.

One question raised by both articles, as well as people on twitter, is how important was the Vice Presidential debate in the big scheme of things.

The Guardian states that quite a few people couldn’t even name the Vice Presidential candidates prior to the debate.

The impact of this debate on the Presidential campaign as a whole may not be clear. Hopefully, the debate at least made it so more than 40 percent of Americans know the names of our Vice Presidential nominees.


Author: Sandra Harris

Hi, my name is Sandra. I am a senior at Wayne State University majoring in public relations with a minor in new media. My anticipated graduation date is May 2017. I hope to pursue a career in either corporate communications or copy editing. At Wayne State University I am one the "Salute" editor-in-chief for the Wayne State chapter of PRSSA. I am also a fourth year member of the Wayne State University cheer team.

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