What is too Much? My Twine adventure

Our Twine game is about a college student’s struggle with depression and anxiety. We hope that this game ensures people that depression is a serious issue that college students face every day. This game not only tells the story of our fictional character, Jordan, as he struggles through the school year, but also provides some information and resources for people who relate to Jordan’s journey.

Overall, I think we succeeded in showing the struggles a college student can go through. We could have done more throughout to be more informative and interactive. The beginning of our game tells Jordan’s story, the ending gives the user more information and resources.

Twine as a creative tool allows us to tell a story in a way that gets the user involved. Often times, when reading about mental illness or news reports, people get bored and start skimming. By having people press each link, they are physically moving the story forward. And therefore, staying involved in the information.

The most frustrating thing about Twine is how much time, effort and planning it takes to make a nonlinear game. With that said, once you figure Twine out in general it becomes pretty simple and pretty quick to use. It’s exciting to figure out new things to add or different ways to like pages.

Personally, I made the final six slides, which included the resources and ending of Jordan’s journey. I enjoyed finding the different resources and videos to link to and add to the game. I got excited when I figured out you could link back to a page instead of making the user press the back button.

As stated before, our game focused on a college students struggle with depression and anxiety. This article from TIME talks a little bit about the increasing rate of mental illness in college students and tells a little bit about some students’ journeys. Articles such as this were looked at in order to figure out a realistic journey for our main character, Jordan, to go through.

For people struggling with depression or anxiety, we hope this game shows that they’re not alone. Thousands of college students go through the same struggles everyday. We also hope that the resources listed for Jordan are places people can actually look to for help. For people who think someone they love may be facing depression or anxiety, we hope this game provides information regarding symptoms and places they can seek support for their loved one.

Another important source for information on mental illness is the National Alliance on Mental Illness. This site talks a little bit about what depression is, symptoms, treatments and different places to get support.

As a whole, we wanted to show that depression and anxiety happen, and that there are resources out there to help. By putting it in the context of our fiction character, Jordan, we hope to present the topic in a way that doesn’t offend anyone going through depression or anxiety, but also doesn’t sugar coat topic.

So without further ado, here is our Twine game: What is too Much? Created by Becca Hanna, Chester Flemming, Steven Koss, Timythi Hester and Me, Sandra Harris.

What is too Much?


Author: Sandra Harris

Hi, my name is Sandra. I am a senior at Wayne State University majoring in public relations with a minor in new media. My anticipated graduation date is May 2017. I hope to pursue a career in either corporate communications or copy editing. At Wayne State University I am one the "Salute" editor-in-chief for the Wayne State chapter of PRSSA. I am also a fourth year member of the Wayne State University cheer team.

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